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Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Easiest Way to Instantly Ripen Bananas, According to a Chef

One of the trickiest fruits to shop for are bananas. Why? Well, they can take multiple days to ripen after you purchase them,...

Cocktail of the week: Zuma’s lillet blanc

A luxurious white wine aperitif with fig liqueur, whisky and bubbles that is sure to cheer up any dark February evening

5 Classic Comfort Food To Serve In Your Restaurant

Fine diners look for creatively prepared, aesthetically pleasing gourmet dishes, but there is no denying the appeal of everyday comfort foods. According...

Dunkin’ lovers tie the knot in Las Vegas with doughnut bouquets

Tying the knot just got a little sweeter.With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Dunkin’ took over a wedding...

Let them eat casabe: Camilla and Charles in Cuba

The Duchess of Cornwall is ‘not sure’ about the food, but our man in Havana – or at least a frequent visitor...

Gilpin Spice, Windermere: ‘Determined to hit every sweet spot’ – restaurant review

A vivid fusion of Chinese and Indian cooking makes for an unexpected haven in CumbriaGilpin Hotel, Crook...

Harriet Birrell’s delicious dal bowl recipe

Easy to digest and guaranteed to satisfy the grumbliest of stomachs, dal with steamed rice is a nutritious dinner option

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for rhubarb jellies with white chocolate cream

A blushing pink, tequila-spiked jelly with a seductive cream topping that’s sure to make anyone swoon, whether lover or friend

The end of small plates: why the dinner-ruining dishes may finally be over

The trend for small-plate menus in restaurants has tested friendships and defied logic. They have to go – here’s why

Nigel Slater’s gammon steak with butter beans and kale recipe

Smoky slabs of pork with puréed beans and fried green veg for a heartwarming night inThe...

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