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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The latest trend in skincare: anti-pollution makeup sales soar

As city air becomes more toxic, sales of a new type of product are boomingDemand for anti-pollution beauty...

Get a gym glow without feeling the burn

How to boost your luminosity without breaking a sweatI’ve never seen anyone leave the gym looking anything other...

The best beauty care is not just skin deep

Disciple is a brand created by a psychotherapist – and it could work wonders for yourThis week I...

Aldi v designer beauty brands: can a £5.99 foundation compete with the £183 version?

The discount supermarket’s makeup and skincare range unashamedly apes Yves Saint Laurent, Elizabeth Arden and other labels. We put five copies of...

The best eye shadows

Cream beats powder colour when you’re on the goIt’s nearly as rare as the UK winning Eurovision,...

Use a painter’s restraint with powder-blue

How to get expressive with colourful eyeshadow, plus easy smoky eyes, and a new mascara that’s caused a sensation

Frame your face with great standout brows

Defined but natural-looking is the goal for eyebrows. Plus concealers with a light touch, and an artful new fragrance

Is clean beauty a skincare revolution – or a pointless indulgence?

More and more companies are offering skincare products free from ‘toxic’, ‘nasty’ and ‘suspicious’ chemicals. But are these ingredients really dangerous?

Beauty sleep: why there’s no escaping makeup

Bare Minerals is selling makeup to wear in bed – meaning women may never have to show their real, unadorned faces again...

Kylie Jenner’s makeup makes her the world’s youngest billionaire

Youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner reality TV family tops Mark Zuckerberg by two yearsKylie Jenner, the youngest member of...

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