You are looking forward to experiencing the beautiful landscapes of Australia – a country of long beaches, vast oceans and modern buildings. Or you want to go to Australia to visit relatives in Australia. To be able to experience the above, you are required to have an Australian tourist visa. Because only with an Australian tourist visa will you be allowed to enter Australia to participate in a new adventure, immersing yourself in the rich and attractive culture of this country. Let’s find out with Trang Visa in this article

Conditions for applying for an Australian tourist visa

  • Prove sufficient finances to pay for travel and travel between Vietnam and Australia (for Sponsored family stream, the sponsor must prove)
  • Prove the purpose of your trip to match the visa type you choose
  • Prove that you have a good job and a stable source of income
  • Prove the relationships that bind you in Vietnam such as: Marital status, relatives, property, children, work,…
  • Prove that you will leave Australia at the end of your trip
  • Must fully ensure the best benefits for accompanying children under 18 years old
  • Must ensure good health before coming to Australia

In addition to the general conditions above, for applicants applying for a tourist visa to visit relatives or an Australian business visa, an invitation letter from the inviter is required. At the same time, personal documents such as ID or passport of the inviter must be present to complete the Australian visa application.

Application for Australian tourist visa 

For each type, the preparation documents will have certain differences. Documents for visiting relatives require you to have an invitation letter and information about the inviter in Australia. Meanwhile, for a self-sufficient Australian travel application, the applicant must provide a specific travel itinerary to the Consulate and the passport must have a travel history to major countries such as Japan, Korea, the United States, and the United States. Canada…

This does not mean that travel documents to visit relatives do not require travel history in your passport. For those who have never traveled to major countries, applicants only have a high probability of getting an Australian tourist visa when the inviting person from Australia is a sponsor and can prove a stable monthly source of income and work.

Therefore, it is very important that you submit the complete Australian visa application, because it will be the deciding factor in whether you can be granted a visa or not.

Procedures for applying for an Australian tourist visa

Once you know what you need to submit to apply for an Australian tourist visa, you need to understand the process of applying for an Australian 600 visa. Understanding the visa application process will help you clearly visualize the steps you need to take, avoid having to do unnecessary things, and below is the procedure for applying for an Australian 600 visa:

Step 1: Prepare documents

Unlike applying for a US visa, applying for an Australian visa does not require you to have an interview. Therefore, everything about you is shown on the documents submitted to the Consulate. Your application submitted to the Consulate does not require submitting originals

In addition, your Australian tourist visa application does not need to be translated if it is in Vietnamese or English. In case your documents are in another language, you need to have them translated into English and notarized by a competent authority.

Step 2: Register for an ImmiAccount account

The first thing you need to do if you want to apply for an Australian visa is to open a personal online account at the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs (ImmiAccount). You can open an account for free – all you have to do is enter your personal information, set up a password and confirm your account via email.

Because all Australian visas must be submitted online, the first thing you need to do if you want to apply for an Australian visa is to open a personal online account at the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs (ImmiAccount). You can open an account for free – follow this link:

All you have to do is enter your personal information, set up a password, and confirm your account via email. And after registering an account, this will be the account for you to fill out your profile and upload documents. To track visa status, you will also check through your ImmiAccount account.

Step 3: Submit application and pay visa fee

After filling in the application information, you must upload the documents. Note that when uploading documents, they must match the required items and the files must not exceed 5MB in size.

After completing the application, you must pay the Australian tourist visa fee via Visa or Master Card. The fee for an Australian tourist visa is 190 AUD.

Step 4: Make a biometric appointment

After paying the Australian visa fee, you will be sent a letter by the Australian Immigration Department requesting fingerprints. You must go to VFS Australia to make a biometric appointment to have your fingerprints scanned and photos taken.

When you arrive for your biometric appointment, present the staff here with your Consular request letter, appointment booking form and passport.

Step 5: Wait for approval and receive results

Fingerprint biometrics is the final stage of the Australian 600 visa application process. Please wait for the Australian Immigration Department to review your application and check the status of your Australian visa application through your ImmiAccount account.

If you are notified by the Australian Department of Immigration that you have passed your visa, you will receive a visa number, allowing you to travel to Australia. You do not need to have your passport stamped, but you can print the visa issuance sheet to bring with you when entering Australia.

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