Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online just by promoting products which you like on your site, Facebook or any other affiliate network where you are given commission for every customer brought through your affiliate links.

If you want to step into affiliate marketing then Amazon associate program is the best and efficient which gives you an opportunity to promote your favorite product on Facebook and to earn money from it just by investing a very small fraction of your time. Facebook is one of the most active social media and even has advertising networks which provides a larger audience and hence a higher chance of conversions.

But in order to promote Amazon affiliate links over Facebook, you must have knowledge of some important things so that it doesn’t go against the Facebook’s or your affiliate network policy. You can visit the Journal Review website to learn more about affiliate business marketing.

By going through the following information about the whole process and policies of Facebook, Amazon and affiliate network before going for the Amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook you can provide yourself with one of the best time saving and easiest money making ability especially when you look over for some extra income.

1. Get The Amazon Affiliate Link

Now the very first question comes to everyone’s mind is “how to create Amazon affiliate link”.For that firstly you need to sign up for the Amazon associate program on

Then for getting individual product link, first log into your Amazon associate account and click on “product link” found under “product linking” tab on the black bar. On the next page you will have the option to add ASIN/ISBN code of an individual product. By going to the detailed part of the product you can find ASIN code. Now go to add product link page add ASIN code and click “get link” button to the right of the item.

2. Set Up A Business Page On Facebook

For affiliate marketing you need a platform and creating a Facebook page for your business is definitely going to serve you that. Without a page on Facebook, you won’t be able to reach a large mass of audience and won’t be able to run any of your Amazon affiliate link. The growth of your affiliate marketing is directly proportional to no. of audience you reach so invite your friends to like your Facebook page and ask them if they want to buy the product use the link. If any of them have bought any product from you before then request them whether they would mind writing a review.

One of the best ways to increase your reach of the post is to share the post on your personal profile because your personal friend and family will in increasing reach of your business page post through likes, comments, and share and in turn, it will increase conversions from an affiliate link. The more active your profile looks the more audience it attracts.

3. Choose The Right Amazon Product

When it comes to Amazon affiliate marketing over Facebook it is a bit unclear to choose a product. Facebook can be sometimes tricky as its terms changes frequently regarding promoted and branded content which affects the way you can use Amazon affiliate link without getting in trouble with Facebook.

Facebook-branded content where only verified pages is allowed to post branded content that talks about third parties. It is because the branded content is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value, which affiliate marketing is not. So Facebook asks individuals that post branded content to tag third party’s page and disclose their relationship. Because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as well as Facebook, have very strict policies regarding disclosing any relation from the third party that you promote or were paid for, a transparent disclosure is desirable.

And while promoting an affiliate link you need to be very clear that you’ll get paid when someone clicks on the link and purchases the product otherwise it will violate Facebook’s policy.

4. Target Your Audience

To make your affiliate marketing effective, you’ll need a target audience. You will need a large audience to exposure to your Amazon Facebook ads. You can do this by being more specific about the product with a proper detailed description so that they do not have to go anywhere else.

5. Creative And Attractive Marketing

For making your affiliate marketing effective you need to know the best you can do with your affiliate links. You can too much more to grab the attention of audience than simply placing a link on your page with few words about the product. It’s obvious that images tend to have a much higher reach than simple text posts. Text posts look dull and do not draw much attention but images are Eye-catching.

The more legit your page or profile looks the more audience it brings. You can do so by adding some video content to your Facebook page. It brings variety and engages the audience. You can feed the videos of the review or tutorial focused on the product you want to promote via affiliate links. The review is something every person seeks for before buying any product.

You need to make sure that you do not make your page look scammy. If you do promotional posts frequently this will make your audience get irritated and hence you will have to bear the risk of losing your followers.

If your customer has any queries about the product always be available for them in the comments section. So that you can endorse them with your expertise and carry out conversation that can help others learn why and how to use the product. Plus this will build a good image towards the audience and will make them trust you.

So it will not be wrong to say that Amazon affiliate links and Facebook make great partners and help you with good and easy earning. You just need to be transparent with your audience and keep in mind that you do not go against the Facebook’s and Amazon associate program’s policy.