Aspiring doctors have a world of opportunities at their fingertips. Pursuing an MBBS in Georgia unlocks the door to high-quality medical education at an affordable cost. But what if you could do more? The Integrated American Program (IAP) in Georgia takes your medical journey to the next level, equipping you for a future in US healthcare while you earn your MBBS degree.

This article explores the IAP, its benefits, and why Georgia, specifically Tbilisi, might be the perfect launchpad for your medical aspirations.

The IAP Advantage: Two Degrees, One Effort

Unlike the standard MBBS program, the IAP integrates intensive USMLE preparation right from your first year. This means you graduate with your MBBS degree and the essential qualifications to practice medicine in the USA. Imagine streamlining your journey, saving time and resources compared to separate programs.

Only two universities boast this integrated option: UG and TSMU. Let’s dive into their costs:

UniversityTuition Fees (USD)ScholarshipFinal Fees (USD)Total Cost for 6 Years (USD)Total Cost for 6 Years (INR)
Tbilisi State Medical University13,500013,50081,00065 lacs
University of Georgia MBBS Fees9,5003,0006,50039,00031 lacs

 Standard vs. IAP: Understanding the Difference

The standard MBBS program equips you with the knowledge and skills for a European medical degree, followed by licensing exams for practising in India. The IAP, however, focuses on the US healthcare system, preparing you for the rigorous USMLE exams and eventual residency programs.

Dive Deeper into the IAP Structure

Year 1-3: Alongside your core MBBS curriculum, you’ll begin USMLE Step 1 preparation, ensuring a strong foundation.

Year 4-5: Deepen your USMLE knowledge with Step 2CK prep and clinical rotations in Georgia’s top hospitals, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Final Year: Complete a US hospital clerkship and fulfill all requirements for ECFME certification, paving the way for US residency applications.

Why Choose Georgia? Tbilisi Takes Center Stage

While Batumi and Kutaisi are popular options, Tbilisi shines with its advantages:

  • Wider Choice: 19 NMC-approved medical colleges compared to Batumi’s 1, offering more flexibility in finding your perfect fit.
  • Clinical Advantage: 14,000 hospital beds compared to Batumi’s 500, providing ample clinical rotations and exposure opportunities.
  • Top-Tier Education: Tbilisi boasts renowned medical schools and hospitals, ranked higher than Batumi.
  • Embassy Support: The Indian Embassy in Tbilisi provides readily available assistance, unlike the consulates in smaller cities.
  • Exposure to Excellence: Gain experience in the best hospitals like Tbilisi State Medical University Clinic and First University Clinic.
  • Patient Abundance: Tbilisi’s larger population translates to more patient encounters, enhancing your clinical skills.

Tbilisi’s University of Georgia: Your IAP Gateway

Established in 2004, UG offers a comprehensive IAP recognised for:

  • USMLE Focus: Intensive preparation with dedicated faculty and clinical rotations in US hospitals.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Competitive tuition fees compared to other Georgian IAP programs.
  • Reputation and Recognition: Accredited by SACS and LCME, ensuring high standards and global acceptance.
  • WFME Accreditation: Guaranteeing a globally recognised IAP program.

Unleash the MBBS in Georgia Scholarship

Stand out from the crowd! Only 100 of the 750 students applying for UG’s medical courses each year will be awarded the prestigious Integrated American Program scholarship, valued at USD 18,000 (Rs. 14.50 crore). This selective scholarship recognises exceptional talent and potential, fueling the careers of tomorrow’s medical leaders. Are you ready to compete for this life-changing opportunity?

Eligibility Criteria

  • 60% or above in PCB in Class XII
  • 17 years old or older
  • Qualified NEET score for the application year
  • Basic English proficiency


Georgia’s IAP, specifically in Tbilisi, offers a compelling pathway to fulfill your medical dreams in the USA. Its comprehensive preparation, cost-effectiveness, and access to top-tier facilities make it a strategic choice for students seeking a competitive edge. Partner with MOKHS Overseas Educon, a trusted partner in MBBS abroad, to navigate the IAP application process and secure your place in this prestigious program. Embrace the IAP and take your first step towards a rewarding medical career across continents.