In the dynamic landscape of event planning and execution, having the perfect stage can make all the difference. Sinoswan, a leading mobile stage manufacturer, stands out as the epitome of excellence, providing unparalleled solutions to elevate your events. From cutting-edge technology to comprehensive services, Sinoswan takes pride in being your go-to partner for all your mobile stage needs.


Quality Craftsmanship in Mobile Stage Manufacturing

At Sinoswan, we redefine the standards of mobile stage manufacturing with our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Our stages are not merely structures; they are a testament to precision engineering and innovative design. We utilise state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every stage produced by Sinoswan exceeds industry expectations.


Comprehensive Training for Every Client

One key aspect that sets Sinoswan apart is our dedication to client empowerment. Our commitment goes beyond just delivering a product; we provide free, fully comprehensive training through technical manuals, personalised training sessions, and engaging video tutorials. We believe in ensuring that our clients have the knowledge and confidence to make the most of their mobile stages.


Two Years Free Warranty and Whole Life Service

Sinoswan is not just about selling mobile stages; we are invested in the long-term success of your events. To demonstrate our confidence in the durability of our products, we offer an impressive two years free warranty on all our mobile stages. What’s more? Our commitment extends beyond the warranty period with our whole life service, ensuring your continued satisfaction.


Parts & Options for Customisation

Recognising that every event is unique, Sinoswan provides a comprehensive range of parts and options for mobile stages. Whether you need additional components for your stage, integrated lighting systems, or cutting-edge sound systems, we have you covered. Our commitment to customisation ensures that your mobile stage aligns perfectly with your event vision.


Rental Services for Added Convenience

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, Sinoswan goes the extra mile by offering rental services. If you require a mobile stage for a specific event but prefer not to invest in a permanent solution, we seamlessly connect you with our cooperative customers, ensuring you have access to a quality stage without the commitment.


Engineering Support for Complex Projects

Sinoswan isn’t just a mobile stage manufacturer; we are your partners in event success. If you have a project that demands rigging calculations, bespoke rigging components, or challenging stage placements, our dedicated engineering support team is ready to assist. Your vision is our priority, and we’re here to turn the most ambitious projects into reality.


In the realm of mobile stage manufacturing, Sinoswan stands as a beacon of excellence. From the finest craftsmanship to comprehensive services, we are dedicated to ensuring your events leave a lasting impression. Elevate your events with Sinoswan – where innovation meets reliability.


Contact Us

To explore the world of Sinoswan and take your events to new heights, reach out to us:

Address: 902 a, building 9, Dongyue community, No. 1024, North Road, Zitong

Tel: +8618538129701

WhatsApp Business: +86 18838950310

WhatsApp: +8618538129701

Wechat: 18538129701






Q: What sets Sinoswan apart from other mobile stage manufacturers?

Sinoswan distinguishes itself through a commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and a client-centric approach. Our stages are not just structures; they are a testament to precision engineering.


Q: Can you tell me more about the training provided by Sinoswan?

Certainly! We offer free, comprehensive training through technical manuals, personalised training sessions, and engaging video tutorials. Our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge to maximise the potential of their mobile stages.


Q: What is covered under the two years free warranty?

Our two years free warranty covers any manufacturing defects or issues with the mobile stage during this period. It reflects our confidence in the durability and reliability of our products.


Q: What options do you provide for customising mobile stages?

Sinoswan understands the importance of customisation. We offer a wide range of parts and options, including integrated lighting systems and sound systems, to tailor your mobile stage to the unique requirements of your event.


Q: How does Sinoswan’s rental service work?

If you need a mobile stage for a specific event without the long-term commitment, we offer rental services. We connect you with our cooperative customers, ensuring you have access to a quality stage for your event.


Q: Can Sinoswan assist with complex projects that require engineering support?

Absolutely! Our engineering support team is ready to assist with rigging calculations, construction of rigging components, and overcoming challenges in stage placement. We’re your partners in turning ambitious projects into reality.


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