Lucrative business ideas in a student environment are those types of businesses that are profitable when situated in a school environment.

The idea that starting your own business is only for those with money and experience is often conceived by students.

However, this is not always true Startups are often founded in dormitories or apartments with nothing more than a vision and some ambition to succeed.

Here are five profitable business ideas for students, plus some tips on how to start your first business and what supplies you need.

1) Food delivery

Starting a food delivery business in a student environment can be a great way to make some extra money while helping busy students find delicious, affordable meals.

Most college and university campuses are usually populated, so a food delivery business can provide an ideal service for hungry students.

From making deliveries to offering take-out options, the possibilities for food delivery services are endless, a successful food delivery business requires a few key elements such as excellent customer service, reliable transportation, and a good variety of menu items.

2) Laundry service

Starting a laundry service is one of the most lucrative business ideas in a student environment.

With so many students living on or near campus, it’s a great opportunity to provide a valuable service that many of them would appreciate.

With the right equipment and some basic business knowledge, you can start your own laundry service and be well on your way to financial success.

3) Grocery delivery

The first step to setting up a grocery delivery service is to find customers. College campuses, student housing complexes, and even dorms are great places to start.

You can advertise your services on bulletin boards or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s also important to let people know you’re available for orders by word of mouth.

4) Tutoring

The tutoring industry is one of the most lucrative business ideas for students, and tutoring offers students the opportunity to make money while helping their peers and other students improve their grades and knowledge.

Whether you’re an expert in a subject or have a passion for teaching, tutoring can be a great way to generate income while still in school.

There are many ways to get started in the tutoring industry, such as offering your services online or setting up shop in a public place such as a library or park.

You can choose to tutor elementary, middle, or high school students, as well as college students.

You could also specialize in one particular subject area and market yourself as an expert in that field.

5) Event planning

Starting a business while still in school is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience and learn valuable skills.

Whether you are a college student or a high school student, there are plenty of lucrative business ideas you can explore that fit into the student lifestyle, and one such business idea is event planning.

If a student is interested in event planning, they can start by offering their services for free or at a reduced charge, which enables them to hone their skills before taking on more challenging work.

Event planners can offer services such as wedding and birthday party planning, corporate events, festivals, conventions, and more as they gain experience.


What is the easiest business?

Selling school supplies is among the simplest businesses for kids to start; nonetheless, many people perceive it as a difficult task.

But with the right idea and dedication, students can find some of the most lucrative business opportunities in the student environment.

From selling study supplies to offering tutoring services, there are plenty of creative ideas that students can use to create a successful business.

What business can i start with 100k in Nigeria?

There are so many businesses you start with 100k or less in Nigeria that are very lucrative

What business can a female student do in Nigeria?

Most of the businesses listed and explained in this article are what female students can do.

What business can i start with 10k as a student in Nigeria?

As a student, selling internet subscriptions (Data) is one of lucrative business ideas in student environment. You can start with 10k, also selling of small perfumes etc.

Things to sell in Nigerian universities

If you decide to go into selling as a student, make sure you sell what students like you will patronize and buy.

It can be products that are less competitive or have a way of packaging that will be different from others

How to make money as a student in Nigeria

To make money as a student in Nigeria, you have to engage in a business that solves problems in student environment. It might be using skills you have learned over time or starting a selling business

What is a cheap, easy business to start?

With the increased cost of living on campus, starting a profitable student business is an excellent option for anyone looking to make some cash without leaving campus.

The best thing about these types of business ventures is that students will learn how to navigate their entrepreneurial endeavors without having to worry about high startup costs.

Below are another six easy and cheap businesses that can be started by college students and have the potential to grow exponentially:

6) Clothing line

Selling clothing at school can be risky because it’s not only difficult to keep up with demand but also tough to keep stock fresh.

However, if you’re designing clothes with input from other members of your team, there’s no risk involved because you know what everyone wants and needs, making this one of the most popular choices among college kids

7) Phone charging station

It doesn’t take much work or capital to set up a phone charging station near your dorms or even inside them.

All you really need is the equipment and the ability to promote yourself through social media.

Make sure when setting up this kind of business venture to ask permission first so you don’t run into any legal issues later on.

8) Cafe

All it takes is space outside of campus where people gather and offer tasty snacks like bagels or muffins while they wait in line. Keep prices low enough so more people will come back.

9) Food delivery service

Bringing food right to people’s doorsteps sounds like such a hassle, but as long as you’ve got reliable drivers who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty then this idea might just pan out.

10) Online shopping website

Not only does it take less time than ever before to start a website nowadays, all you really need is marketing savvy and some dedication.

i) Laundry pickup service

Most high school students give away their laundry sometimes, especially during finals week. You can get them and sell them for a cheaper amount, or you can take up dirty laundry and wash it.


Starting a business as a student can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. With the right planning and support, students have many opportunities to explore lucrative business ideas.

From selling handmade goods online to tutoring services to launching an e-commerce business, the possibilities are endless.

But it is important to consider the time and resources required for each idea, so you can decide which option is best for you.