What do Mila Kunis, Dominic Sherwood, Kate Bosworth, and Max Scherzer have in common? Well, besides all being successful celebrities, they also have different-colored eyes. This is often the result of a condition called heterochromia iridum, which mostly affects the iris but can equally affect skin and hair color. Most of the times it’s subtle, but in many cases, it can lead to noticeably different-colored eyes.

On this note, a recent UK poll asking people what they found most attractive in a person, found that eyes of different colors were top of the list for one in 20 Brits. Mainstream colors such as blue, brown and green still got the majority of preferences at 42, 31 and 18 percent, but funkier options started to appear alongside.

In fact, wearing cosmetic contacts to alter eye color is on the rise, with 11% of respondents admitting to wearing colored contact lenses to a first date. Surely, there’s nothing wrong with that, except that over a quarter (26%) of them never managed to come clean for fear of disappointing their partners (presumably the relationships didn’t last too long!).

When it came to dating, the survey also found some of the things that are most likely to put us off from our would-be partners. The biggest No-No is looking at your phone all the time. That would annoy 72% of your dates according to the survey. The second biggest nuisance is showing up with a friend (12%), followed closely by mentioning an ex and being called pet names such as babe, love, and darling.

If you’re using a dating app to find your romantic other half, here are a few things to stay away from, according to the poll. It seems that many find semi-naked pictures of people having fun unappealing or unnatural, so better button up that shirt! Thirteen percent of the people polled, in fact, found these profile pictures the most annoying, followed by those where people wear sunglasses all the time.