Parramatta, with its thriving business scene and diverse cultural offerings, is a city where convenience is key. Whether you’re a local business owner in need of a reliable van or a visitor planning a group excursion, finding the best van hire deals is paramount. Look no further – Eazy Car Rental, known as the cheapest car rental in Sydney, extends its commitment to affordability to the world of van rentals. Starting at just $29 per day, Eazy Car Rental not only provides cost-effective solutions but also ensures that you have the right van for your needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the advantages and features that make Eazy Car Rental the go-to choice for van hire deals in Parramatta.

1. Eazy Car Rental: Affordable Van Hire in Parramatta:

Eazy Car Rental brings its renowned affordability to the realm of van rentals in Parramatta. Recognized as the cheapest car rental in Sydney, Eazy Car Rental ensures that businesses, groups, and individuals alike have access to budget-friendly van hire options.

2. A Fleet of Versatility:

Understanding the diverse needs of Parramatta’s residents and visitors, Eazy Car Rental offers a versatile fleet of vans. Whether you need a compact van for city deliveries, a spacious option for moving furniture, or a passenger van for group outings, Eazy Car Rental has you covered.

3. Convenient Location for Seamless Pick-Up:

Eazy Car Rental strategically positions its location at 601 Sunnyholt Rd Glenwood NSW 2768, ensuring that accessing your rented van is a seamless process. Whether you’re a local business owner needing a quick solution or a visitor arriving in Parramatta, this central location guarantees an efficient and hassle-free pick-up experience.

4. Effortless Online Booking with Eazy Car Rental:

Planning your van rental in Parramatta is a breeze with Eazy Car Rental’s user-friendly online reservation system at This platform empowers you to explore the available van options, select the perfect vehicle for your needs, and complete the reservation process from the comfort of your home or office.

5. Transparent Pricing for Budget Confidence:

Hidden fees can disrupt even the best-planned budgets. Eazy Car Rental adopts a transparent pricing policy, ensuring that the $29 per day offer for van rentals comes with clear terms. This transparency allows businesses and individuals alike to budget effectively for their transportation needs.

6. Flexibility in Rental Duration:

Recognizing that van rental needs vary, Eazy Car Rental provides flexibility in rental durations. Whether you require a van for a day, a weekend, or an extended period, Eazy Car Rental allows you to tailor your rental duration to match your specific needs.

7. Roadside Assistance for Peace of Mind:

Eazy Car Rental understands that reliability is crucial when it comes to van rentals. The service includes roadside assistance, ensuring that businesses and individuals renting vans are not left stranded in the event of a breakdown or any other roadside issue.

8. Dedicated Customer Support:

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Eazy Car Rental, and this commitment extends to its van rental clientele. The dedicated support team is ready to provide assistance, addressing inquiries or concerns promptly and professionally.

9. Comprehensive Insurance Options:

Security is a priority, and Eazy Car Rental ensures that van renters have comprehensive insurance options. This allows businesses and individuals to choose coverage that aligns with their needs, providing protection against unforeseen events.

10. Making Business and Adventures Eazy:

In essence, Eazy Car Rental transforms van rentals into a seamless experience. Whether you’re a business owner making deliveries in Parramatta or a group planning an adventure, Eazy Car Rental is your reliable partner for cost-effective and convenient van hire.


Parramatta’s dynamic environment demands solutions that are both affordable and versatile. Eazy Car Rental, known as the cheapest car rental in Sydney, extends its affordability to van rentals in Parramatta. Visit to book your van rental online and unlock the convenience of affordable transportation in the heart of Parramatta. Eazy Car Rental – where affordability meets versatility.