Semi-Truck ,Trailer Service Amarillo in Amarillo tx

When you need King Country Trailer Repair in Amarillo, it’s inconvenient and you will need someone that can get to you as quickly as possible. Our dispatchers and King Country Trailer Truck Repair techs are available 24 hours for your convenience and we work diligently to get someone to your location as quickly as possible. Truck breakdowns take money out of your pocket and cost a lot of time that you could be on the road, which is why we always strive to provide the best Truck Repair in Amarillo TX.

Our King Country Trailer Mechanics in Amarillo are fully equipped and have the experience to handle all your diesel engine, electrical system, air brake, suspension or trailer repair you might experience. And our large network of parts suppliers ensures that your wait time is short and that means you will be back on schedule sooner. We understand that your truck not only represents your company, but it also represents your livelihood and providing for your family.

 When you need mobile truck and trailer repair in the Amarillo area, it can affect many aspects of your trucking business and often negatively affect your customers. If your semi truck is having diesel engine problems, a breakdown takes money straight out of your pocket. We do everything we can to provide the fastest turnaround time in Amarillo. Customer service is our highest priority, and our business depends on you. 

While your truck and trailers are taken care of we have also invested in providing drivers with a clean place to rest and shower while we are working on your equipment. King Country Trailer knows that we are all here because of the truck driver. Our dads and grandparents were truck drivers. Therefore, we want to extend the same quality of care as we would our 

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